IN my body

breathing out - there is emptiness
breathing in - there is fullness
IN-between - there is fullness in emptiness
and emptiness in fullness

Yoga-classes +

- bring comfortable and sufficiently warm clothing
- a blanket to put on and relax
- do not eat anything heavy about two or three hours before and drink enough

practice asana body-movement – pranayama breathing-energy – 
shavasana/yoga nidra relaxation – mantra-singing & meditation

TUE 6 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
in Strehlen
Sept 24 - Dec 17, 2024 + Jan 7 - May 20, 2025 Alte Wäscherei Kreischaer Str. 20

Yoga in green June 4 - 18 in the park Großer Garten 
we meet at Carolaschlösschen-Bridge
when it's warm & dry ...

celebrations June 18 summer-solstice + Dec 19 winter-solstice
+ Oct 21, 2025 Divali - a little light in the dark night ...

root 1 Yoga-class 12-15 € (cash)
tribe 3 months 108-144 € (bank)
branch 3 years Yoga-classes + 2 seminars (je 1) + 3 personal sessions free

bank account Michael Zschech
IBAN: DE55 1209 6597 0007 391340
Sparda-Bank Berlin e.V.

Yoga-seminars +


recognize the root of love

practice asana body-movement – pranayama breathing-energy – 
shavasana/yoga nidra relaxation

dance body-flow
sing mantras spiritual songs
meditate with dharana concentration on an object

Self-study recognize your self
with stories of the Upanishads and verses of the Bhagavad Gita

> April 19-22, 2024 Yoga-Heroes-Journey in Poland with Melanie Ludwig (Coach)


experience the original light

practice asana body-movement – pranayama breathing-energy – 
shavasana/yoga nidra relaxation

dance tandava – the dance of Shiva-consciousness & Shakti-energy
tones nada-sounds
meditate in mouna silence

Self-study experience the consciousness
with meditations of the Vijñana Bhairava Tantra & the recognition of the heart

September 28+29, 2024

in Dresden-Pieschen SHIMA YOGA Leisniger Str. 53

times 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

costs 108-144 € (cash/bank)

bank account Michael Zschech
IBAN: DE55 1209 6597 0007 391340
Sparda-Bank Berlin e.V.

number of participants: 5-8

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Yoga-Heroes-Journey +

April 19-22, 2024 in Iser-Mountains / Poland

Remember the future

In the three-country corner, about 65 km away from Görlitz / Zgorzelec, between Liberec / Reichenberg and Jelenia Góra / Hirschberg, the farm of Pia, Nico, and their four-legged friends is situated in the foothills of the Jizera Mountains. 
You enter a dreamy hilly landscape that can be explored on two or four legs. On the back of a Konik Polski, sturdy little horses, you relate back to your inner center and we are well guided by Pia, even if you're a beginner. 
Under Nico's care, chickens and goats live here, and a private garden thrives - all contributing something to eat. 
The kitchen invites you to cook together.

As a prelude to the day, we practice morning yoga. 
And embark on a journey inward: to your roots. 

In the evening we celebrate together by the fire...

Look under the rim of your tea cup!

YOGA HEROES JOURNEY in German & a little bit English

Svoboda Svabodhi - The Salt in the Soup

In 2016, we began to explore new paths - connecting the hero's journey of Rebillot with yoga.

Discover your inner hero?

I got my habits & behavior patterns. 
They give me security. 
And hold me tight.

But I also feel the longing for more. 
To surpass boundaries. 
To expand my horizon. 

Over four days, you tap into your power & encounter the shadow that challenges the hero on it's journey to take one step further... 

This way, you can discover new strengths within yourself and in the group, and open up to changes - internally & externally. 

Come on board - be part of it!!

BONFIRE polski – česky – deutsch

Od Barszcz do Zelí - It's stew time

Every culture leaves its traces in this landscape like in a melting pot of cultures – Poles, Silesians, Moravians, Czechs, Sorbs & Germans...

It's time to sit by the fire again – and savor the soup we cook together...

...until the bottom of the bowl:

Welcome – Czesz – Ahoj – Hau rein!!!

(Translation: Melanie Ludwig)

with Melanie Ludwig (Coaching, Meditation, Music) einundaussteiger-coaching.de
& Michael Zschech (Yoga, Nada-Massage, Lyric)

Konik Polski Przecznica 54, 59-630 Mirsk / PL

Costs 220-280 EUR transfer until March, 20
+ 60 EUR overnight stay (3 nights) also possible in a tent or caravan
+ 50 EUR food

participants: 6-12

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Personal sessions +

To come from your request we find an individual tuned yoga-practice to discover deeper levels of your physical and emotional body.
Breathing- und meditation-techniques will be adapted to your own experience.

in Dresden-Pieschen SHIMA YOGA above the Kulturhafen Leisniger Str. 53 

45-60 min50-70 € / 2 persons 70-90 €