feel free – THATs what you are


To come from your request we find an individual tuned yoga-practice to discover deeper levels of your physical and emotional body.
Breathing- und meditation-techniques will be adapted to your own experience.

45-60 minminimum 60 € / 2 persons:  minimum 90 €


with sounds by voice

Trained in various techniques of holistic massage a massage was created by combining ancient healing techniques of sounds by voice (NADA) with the intuitive wisdom of the hands, which can be tuned to your body in touch and movement very sensitively.

Tensions are noticeable signals for physical and emotional experiences.
Before the massage tell me your "point" of request and if you prefer to use oil for the massage.
You will need a space of time for ending the massage just if the energy comes more in a flow and you could observe enough.

45-60 min. minimum 50 € / 75-90 min. minimum 70 € / 105-120 min. minimum 90 €

in Dresden-Neustadt teampractice WEISSE BIRKE Prießnitzstr. 14