IN my body

breathing out - there is emptiness...
breathing in - there is fullness...
INbetween - there is fullness in emptiness,
and emptiness in fullness...

18:00-19:30 HATHA YOGA

from 1.10. not at 15./16.+22./23.10. / 20.11. / 24./25.12. + 31.12./1.1.
without registration / yoga-session 9-12 €

HATHA YOGA - Awareness and Breathing 

- recitation (mantra)
- relaxation (shavasana)

- breathing and movement (vinyasa)
- sun- and moon-solutation (surya / chandra namaskar)
- postures (asana)
+ breathing techniques (pranayama)
+ energetical techniques (bandha / mudra)

- relaxation (shavasana)
- awareness of the energie of breath (pranayama)
- to-calm-down (nirodha)
- recitation (mantra)

4 marks for beginners
- bring comfortable clothes
- if you need a blanket for support and relaxation
- you should not eat heavily minimum two to three hours before practice
- be attend of drinking enough

YOGA MEDITATION - Consciousness

- recitation (mantra)

- breathing and movement (vinyasa)
- postures (asana)
+ individual practice (sahaja)

+ rituals to connect with earth and sky, sun and moon

+ meditation-techniques (dharana)
- energy of breath Atems (pranayama)
- energy of dance (tandava)
- energy of imagination (bhavana)
- energy of sound (mantra / nada)
- energy of light (prakasha)

+ meditation in silence (dhyana)
- recitation (mantra)

ALTE WÄSCHEREI in Dresden-Strehlen

Kreischaer Str. 20, 01219 Dresden

Alte Wäscherei (Strehlen)
Kreischaer Str. 20, 01219 Dresden

The Wasaplatz is a traffic-centre in Strehlen (near the Großer Garten) - you can take the busses no. 61 (7 minutes from the university) or no. 63 and 75 or tram no. 9 and 13.
From here you go in the direction of the church Christuskirche (with the two towers).
The street Kreischaer Str. goes parallely to the Lockwitzer near the flowing Kaitzbach, there in the middle stands an orange building where you can see by the entrance the logo of the "Alte Wäscherei" - a dancing figure...
Go through the courtyard and at the back left is the door to the yoga-room – a romantic and quiet place: well come!!!