The Integral Yoga - the way of the ways

NAMASTÉ - "I admire you!"
You are well come to a journey to your self...

"How can you keep a drop of water from becoming dry?
By letting it fall into the sea..."

Yoga is a practical way which touches every side of your being:
act without looking to the fruits, love from a fullfilled heart,
recognize your self & live consciously from your middle.

There are many paths which all have a common source and flow
into the same stream - that you are unique in this world
and the whole world is in you: one in all, all in one.


YOGA FOR EVERYBODY in Dresden-Strehlen No registration required!
12.4.-29.6. TUE+WED 18:00 TUE 20:00 / WED 20:00 with previous knowledge

YOGA INDIVIDUAL / nada-massage in the Neustadt FRI 14:00-20:00

5.-8.5. YOGA AND HORSEBACK-RIDING Przecznica (Poland)
SUN 4.9. 9-12:00 YOGA-HERO-TOUR with Melanie at Ananda Spirit Festival
14.-16.10. YOGA AND HIKING Brand-Baude / Hohnstein
7.-9.4. YOGA AND HIKING Brand-Baude / Hohnstein

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